You YOU You!!!

Happy Feet is a 2006 computer-animated musical comedy film directed, produced, and co-written by George Miller. This fun narrative gives us wisdom nuggets and encouragement to be self-acceptance and originality. The story line express  a penguin family who born an unusually gifted penguin. This penguin looks slightly different from the others in his family and tribe but still has the same natural needs of his kind and that is to be loved, accepted and nourished into maturity. The family and tribe spent endless hours trying to mold this young penguin into what they believe was normal. He was dropped when he was inside of his birth shell. The was outcast-ed. He was set off to the side. He experience being lonely, rejected and abandon. The family believe maybe the drop that made him so special or processed differently. The family didn’t know how to love and nurture his difference. This young penguin found out he was different as he began to express himself he didn’t sing like the others. Actually he couldn’t sing at all. However he felt the same feelings of inspiration, love and joy of life. His expression was in his feet. His expression was in his dance. His liberation was in being uniquely himself. As he set out to express himself and no longer begging for love and acceptance he found others who was different that had empathy but still none was like him. As he grew in strength and wisdom his confidence grew. He began to dance everywhere and express himself. Only to be notice by the same humans that was scheduled to decrease his population due to environmental demands. The joy from his dancing transferred to the humans and they became intrigued further leading them to help the penguins of the populations and cancel their nondestructive plans in the region that would cause them to starve off and die.

I love this movie! If you struggle with identity and being uniquely gifted this movie is for you. Did you know everyone on earth is designed to meet a need and serve a purpose!

You ARE important!

We need you!

No one can replace you!

Your’re awesome!

Fight through the seasons of rejection with courage and strength knowing that there is a whole generation waiting for you to arrive! Your gift will free many! and I am cheering you on! I’m dancing for you right now!

I got happy feet!

I was once like this very penguin in many areas of my life and now I dance as I help many by telling the stories of my life and sharing with the world the healing painting arts!

Can destiny have this dance?

Embrace your unique YOU!


Author, Speaker, & Certified Art Therapist

Crystal Williams

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