Were Back!

We are happy to announce the our “Healing Art Course” is welcomed back in the Henrico Adult Public School
We provide this course to introduce to the community our innovation of healing arts at community price of 6 session for one price over 70% savings for this same course offered at our studio. Up to 3 Seniors register for FREE
Be one to take advantage of this to explore your purpose discovery & healing on the canvas through the art of painting!
“Healing Hearts & Discovering Purpose One Canvas At A Time”

Creative Works Studio Gift & Consignment Shop



Creative Works Studio Gift


Consignment Shop

Located: Inside of Supreme Flea Market 3302 Williamsburg Rd Henrico Va 23231

Open: Wednesday through Sunday 10:30am – 6:30pm 

Now Opening February 2020! Most items are already in!


“Grand Opening”

Promotion through January 31st, 2020


Every Personal Prophetic Art Request ordered receives a Creative Works Apparel Long/Short T-Shirt


Every booked “Coffee, Canvas & Conversation session will receive our commemorative CWM coffee mug


Any booked 2hr Session will receive:


Creative Works Apparel Long/Short T-Shirt

Our commemorative CWM coffee mug


We welcome our new creatives!


Every creative that joins the club receives a choice of

Creative Works Apparel Long/Short

 T-Shirt or CWM Adjustable Head Cap


*More Information*

logo cwm apparel

Artist Gift Bag: Includes CWM introductory canvas art supplies


Special for walk-Ins

Adults $45

30min Session

Includes supplies

A walk across the canvas with art instructor

A canvas interpretation

Canvas keepsake

15% Discount on next Full session

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Kids $25

30min Session

Includes supplies

A walk across the canvas with art instructor

A canvas interpretation

Canvas keepsake

15% Discount on next Full session

“Freedom Paint” Kid’s Only!


Weekends Only!

Paint while you wait/Paint while you shop $5

Encouraging word art interpretation

30min includes supplies and keepsake art

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Oh What The New Year Can Bring!

Good day! on behalf of CWM and Studio LLC

We would like to thank our followers and supporters near and far. We announce that our studio location and ministry office is now open. It’s been only a week of opening and we are getting settled in. We would like to invite you Wednesday through Sunday 10:30am through 6:30pm to visit us! We have so many updates!

We opened new location inside of  “Supreme Flea Market”


Creative Works Studio LLC

3302 Williamsburg Rd

Henrico VA 23231

Office: 804-306-2919

  • Book your single, couple, group or corporate sessions.
  • Pick up our Author’s Collection!
  • Visit our developing gift shop for creative favorites
  • Drop a prayer in our intercessor box in the lobby

We launched Creative Works Apparel where we believe in wearing purpose! Canvas shirts coming soon! and available in our gift shop at our studio location by February,15, 2020.

logo cwm apparel


We will launch our Spring Break/Summer after-school/school break self discovery art program. We are building an art pantry now and your support is welcomed.


Other ways to give:

Here’s our list on Amazon

Donate monetary

Drop off supplies during our studio opening hours


We are happy to announce our accreditation from Better Business Bureau. Visit our profile today!



Explore our youth services:

Creative Works


Join Us on Sunday’s for two open sessions:

Open to the public on first come, first seated seating. All supplies provided at no cost. Offering opportunities after each session.

12-2pm Paint/Pray

4-6pm Pray/Word/Paint



Join “The Coolest Prophetic Art Club” in the world starting January 4th 2020



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 “Healing Hearts & Discovering Purpose One Canvas At A Time”
02“We are Raising an Army of Artist Who are Willing to Paint God’s Heart On The Canvas To Reach ALL People”


Calling all “Creatives” (application)


COURSE Syllabus – The Introduction to The Prophetic Arts

*Available Locally & Online*

Prophetic Art instructor: Crystal Williams

Location: Creative Works Studio 3302 Williamsburg Rd Henrico VA 23231

Email: Admin@cwmstudioworks.com

Phone: 804-306-2919


This course is 12month course of The Introduction to The Prophetic Arts


  • Understanding the prophetic arts


  • Finding your niche in the prophetic arts


  • Learning to interpret your own art


  • Understanding prophetic colors


Prophetic Illustration & Prophetic Symbolism


Learn locally or online through individual or group sessions.

Discover your purpose in life an artist of the Lord.

Receive mentoring or coaching in additional discounted sessions.

Receive monthly interpretation of one of your canvas art.


Students will be guided through art sessions using paint on the canvas to express and reveal present time truths about self and the world.



Objective 1: Self-Discovery “Understanding the prophetic arts”


Objective 2: Finding your niche in the prophetic arts


Objective 3: Learning to interpret your own art


Objective 4: Understanding prophetic colors


Objective 5: Prophetic Illustration & Prophetic Symbolism


Additional Courses: $195.95 per course (Each course is 1hr@ 6 weeks)


The monetization of the arts


  • How much should I charge (Sales language & pricing scale)
  • How to present a live prophetic art illustration (Event protocol & strategies)
  • How to interpret publicly vs personally
  • Legal do’s & don’ts to the prophetic arts (Representing God & remaining blameless)



Supply List: Basic brush set, pack canvas size 10” and 12”

Paints & Protective Apron will be

provided by the instructor. (Locally only)

Internet Access: Zoom App/Download

GRADING PLAN: Developmental No grading scale


This is a 12 Month course. Duration bi-weekly. Session 1hr. $29.95 monthly or

Year savings 15% off $349.95

After payment submit your request to join the online Facebook community of support.

You can find this online group on our website:


Current Address:
         Zip Code:
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Please tell us a little about yourself:

Who are you? A…  CWM Student   Creative/Artist  CWM partner
Which university/organization are you associated with?
If a student, what is your major?
If a student, which program are you in?  Undergraduate  Master’s  Doctorate  Post-doctorate
Are you interested in participating in one of the CWM committees, please tick appropriate box:

Travel Assistants        Event assistants/ Media operator      Custodian Marketers

Fundraising/ Financiers

Creatives Monthly Commitment

$29.99    Basic participation




Cash App $CWM247                             Credit Card

Name on the Card:

Card Number:

Expiration Date:

3 Digit security code:

I _____________________________ give authorization to charge the above payment information monthly.

Right to cancel is provided at request of 30 days’ notice of last payment received. No refunds or transfer of benefits after auto payment date.

Today’s date __________________

Please complete this form & return to:

Welcome to Our Youth Services

Creative Works

CWM introduces youth services for all your recreational and developmental needs.
Whether you’re preparing your youth event for the spring, summer or back to school event: Our services will meet your needs. We help youth heal from past and present traumas, discover purpose and find greatness within so that they will be fully delivered and not feel forsaken and distressed. We utilize therapeutic arts, prophetic arts, prayer and natural resources to discern and meet their needs: and have the ability to provide spiritual nutrition that empower them for success. Contact us today! For more information and bookings.
Youth conferences
Youth workshops
Youth career events
Juvenile Services
Hospital Youth Activities
Home School Activities
After school programs
Easter celebrations
Youth summer camp
Friends & Family day
Back to school
State Fair & Carnivals

and more!


(Yes We travel)

You YOU You!!!

Happy Feet is a 2006 computer-animated musical comedy film directed, produced, and co-written by George Miller. This fun narrative gives us wisdom nuggets and encouragement to be self-acceptance and originality. The story line express  a penguin family who born an unusually gifted penguin. This penguin looks slightly different from the others in his family and tribe but still has the same natural needs of his kind and that is to be loved, accepted and nourished into maturity. The family and tribe spent endless hours trying to mold this young penguin into what they believe was normal. He was dropped when he was inside of his birth shell. The was outcast-ed. He was set off to the side. He experience being lonely, rejected and abandon. The family believe maybe the drop that made him so special or processed differently. The family didn’t know how to love and nurture his difference. This young penguin found out he was different as he began to express himself he didn’t sing like the others. Actually he couldn’t sing at all. However he felt the same feelings of inspiration, love and joy of life. His expression was in his feet. His expression was in his dance. His liberation was in being uniquely himself. As he set out to express himself and no longer begging for love and acceptance he found others who was different that had empathy but still none was like him. As he grew in strength and wisdom his confidence grew. He began to dance everywhere and express himself. Only to be notice by the same humans that was scheduled to decrease his population due to environmental demands. The joy from his dancing transferred to the humans and they became intrigued further leading them to help the penguins of the populations and cancel their nondestructive plans in the region that would cause them to starve off and die.

I love this movie! If you struggle with identity and being uniquely gifted this movie is for you. Did you know everyone on earth is designed to meet a need and serve a purpose!

You ARE important!

We need you!

No one can replace you!

Your’re awesome!

Fight through the seasons of rejection with courage and strength knowing that there is a whole generation waiting for you to arrive! Your gift will free many! and I am cheering you on! I’m dancing for you right now!

I got happy feet!

I was once like this very penguin in many areas of my life and now I dance as I help many by telling the stories of my life and sharing with the world the healing painting arts!

Can destiny have this dance?

Embrace your unique YOU!


Author, Speaker, & Certified Art Therapist

Crystal Williams

Visit Website

Join Creative works Studio LLC Art Club



We are having an local & online interest meeting and paint party session open to those who reserve a seat. We look forward sharing the benefits of joining our Art Club & Sharing God’s Heart on The Canvas
Online Private Portal to Our Community
Daily post
Prophetic Art shares with interpretations
Live Art & Training’s Weekly
Live Art Interpretation Online
Learn the Prophetic Arts
Learn the Arts of Healing
Rediscover greatness, rebuild confidence and recover all after trauma through the art of painting
Receive 3 Canvas Interpretations of your personal art
Access granted to local monthly classes with free supplies
%50 of any of our counseling art services
Preferred seating to any local art show
and MORE!!!

Reserved seating only for this interest meeting/prophetic paint session. Request via email only at CWMinistries247@gmail.com and invite a friend who may be interested.

Experience New Creative Healing Arts

Good day! registration will be opening this Friday @ 8:30am, February 25,2019. Henrico Public Schools Adult Learning Center is allowing 2 seniors to enroll free of charge. First come bases. CWM are happy to share the creative arts of healing though painting. Register and bring your supplies to class. We will provide the paint with instructions throughout the 6 sessions. Grab a friend and register together!


Register Here


November’s Newsletter in CWM


Wonderful November! As the leaves fall off the trees in preparation for winter; Here in CWM we’ve been shedding, organizing and implementing our best to minister in excellence. Our community reach is flourishing as we have made efforts in the city to offer our art ministry services. Whether it’s public speaking, book signings with forum or ministering the arts of the Prophetic (HEALING) Arts. We enjoy serving and sharing God’s heart towards all people.

We have crossed one milestone in the local city to share the healing arts. It is with great excitement that I announce “Creative Healing Arts” is advancing into the marketplace as an approved art course with the Henrico County Public Schools – Adult Education Center! This class will feature creative exercises that promote emotional wellness through painting. As a Certified Art Therapist, I instruct others on how to discover the heart of God through the lens of purpose, which is then painted onto their personal canvas. As God desires to see His heart expressed in the earth, I am appreciative for this opportunity to make a difference in my community through the art of painting!

Registration Open January 25th, 2019

new-flyer-pic (4)

We continue to have our monthly prophetic (healing) art classes. We invite you to join us as a patron where one of your benefits will be monthly access to our classes.


To Join Visit Click Here


Our Patron Page

If you haven’t already “Celebrate with us “The Author’s collection of Deliverance Collage” NOW through the 31st ONLY! Grab all three books for the holiday’s. Great reading while relaxing: embrace healing for your mind, body and soul through the creative words and arts of CWM. This deal is only available at our website.


Untitled-Project (34)

Thank you for following our blog and supporting CWM! We look forward to bringing you more in 2019.

“Let the canvas speak”

Let us help you paint your BEST year!





Hello November! October Recap

What an exciting month in CWM! As we grow it is our desire to keep you inform about our contribution to The Kingdom of God. As you connect your prayers and resources you will find out that  CWM is good ground and we look forward to spreading the gospel throughout the world with the creativity given by heaven.

Our slogans are the following:

“Healing Hearts One Canvas At A Time”

Who Are We?
A movement “Healing Hearts One Canvas At A Time “ & “Raising An Army Of Artist who are willing to paint God’s Heart On The Canvas for all people”

“Your one confrontation away from your next revelation”


We are glad more and more people are experiencing our ministry in new ways! whether it’s intercessory prayer request which is received at our website 247, prophetic art teachings, prophetic arts personal request and tributes, our library and new released books or itinerary ministry for the services at our website.

We welcome you!

So let’s recap! we have released two books to The Deliverance Collage Collection:

Deliverance Collage “Our First Published Book”

  The author’s story of deliverance’s, The author welcome you into her world and ministry. See just how freedom came through art, poetry and biblical references.

The Encounter

The Encounter is The Prayer Companion of the book “Deliverance Collage” and is a prayer strategy for all people whether you desire salvation, the gift of the Holy Spirit or you are a mature believer. This strategy will break spiritual bondage’s and bring inner healing, deliverance and maintenance to the believer’s life. The author shares her experience of her Encounter with God while praying this prayer strategy. It is her desire that you would experience your personal encounter, emotional healing and spiritual wellness through the writings and art in this prayer strategy.

I Can’t I Have Trust Issues

“I can’t I got trust issues” is an informational and narrative of the life of a person who gain victory over struggles with trust. It is the author’s desire that one will find emotional healing and spiritual wellness through the writings and art.

Untitled-Project (34)

For Signed Copies for order Visit CWMinistries247.org  

Prophetic Arts in the Community! This month we donated our time to share the arts at a local cafe and catering business. This was a live art performance. The painting was auction of by raffle. A prophetic word was release for the event. Many experience the prophetic arts experience over food, jazz and spoken word poetry.

We enjoy sharing with the community God’s love on the canvas!

This piece Black Keys, New Sound was created live by prophetic artist Crystal Williams. And the winner is Captain John Hall.

#soulfoodsunday #purposefulexpressions

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Canvas Title: Black keys New Sounds

Prophetic interpretation:

And the Lord would say upon the canvas. In this season my winds are bringing a new sound to your relationship. A fire and a sound that will go the distance. A level of intimacy only given by the Father in heaven. I am causing you to admire one another like never before and when you come together a sound will be release in the earth but also in the heaven for it is my pleasure to give you the kingdom. One sound made by two says the Lord but I am covering this sound in my wind and this will ignite a fiery three cord  strand that will  not easily be broken. What is not understood is not an obstacle and I have ordered the steps for you both to take  into eternity. Rejoice it bring the Father good pleasure to hear your sound.

Congratulations Captain John Hall



CWM is a thankful heart ministry. We want to bless a recipient who has a story of victory or great struggle. Submit your story or nominate someone by emailing cwministries247@gmail.com
Audio Recording
Or written story
To enter.
November 15 is the deadline.
Canvas & Interpretation will be shipped by December 1st.




Join Our Monthly Prophetic Art classes by following us for schedule on our Facebook Page Crystal Williams Ministries

For the month of October our students experience “The Encounter” of the Lord on the canvas. This prophetic art exercise was based off our new book release “The Encounter”

Every monthly class is a refresh download from heaven and a new healing art exercise!



Thank you! for tuning in to our journey! We invite you to partner with us with your prayers and support by visiting us via web: Crystal Williams Ministries 


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