Youth Love Month Going Strong


Good Day!

We journey on the 2nd week of Youth Love Month in CWM sponsored by

“Deliverance Collage”

The First week opening in prayer via Periscope & FaceBook Live! Then Our First Topic was “Puppy Love” as we tacked bridging the gap between parents and children in communication. We took a look at love from the perspective of a child in puppy love and how to prevent the spirit of rejection from coming into your child to set them on a self destructive path. We advised that all valentine communication such as cards and party invites be inspected. We further advise more interactive activities with your child to create the bond of communication. We discuss how your child could be being groomed for molestation and the games children play that offend each other socially and gives the enemy of their soul a place in their life.

This week we will talk about:

Teen Self Esteem

What to do when your teen thinks he/she is in love

What to do if your teen struggles with masturbation

How to get your teen to take the “Purity Challenge & what to do when they fall short

Tune in!Live via Periscope/Facebook Live Page

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