Youth Matters 2021

Back To The Basics

A Heart for your Youth

2020 took our youth by storm. As adults we couldn’t imagine experiencing such a shift in our education and social outlook. Family dynamics, economical dynamics and social dynamics shifted in a major way. As I reviewed youth feedback most felt life had become unfair and unpromising. Our youth begin to lose hope in things returning to normal. Most older children having to take on more responsibilities and younger children never really getting a break from the structure of home therefore creating new behavior patterns. Recent behavior patterns can look like aggressiveness, unruly, anxious, hungry (emotional eating), excessive media and video gaming, less social with family or the opposite being clingy, loss of hygiene, irregular sleeping and paranoia/fear including nightmares. 

I’m sure parents have their whole roll out of effects as well but let’s focus on the youth today.

How do we help corporately? How can community gather solutions together to heal and develop the youth to adapt change with grace? Here’s what’s been on our heart at Creative Works Mentoring & Solutions.

“Back To The Basics”

While we may never achieve the normalcy of yesterday our tomorrow is predicated upon our preparation. Our mindsets must continue in the discipline of forward movement.

Our previous routine of waking our children, promoting hygiene, preparing their diet, affirming them, and setting them up for success while schooling must remain. We can’t control what happens in our environments but when someone visits our home. Our homes such not look like outside environments neither out of order. Our children should be groomed, mannered and ready to serve a greater cause in the community rather than just a living.

I strongly sense that if this discipline is not continued our society can expect to have more dysfunction in the generations to come.

“Back To The Basics”

Remember when you had that first child or held that first grandbaby? You wanted to do everything right and be sensitive to all the needs of the child.

That’s it! God wants to bring you back to that same sensitivity! Youth is the future! Legacy Matters! Morals matter! Discipline matter! Development matter! & Love is the game changer of all mankind.

So whether the youth is in school or out, on a break or in session, don’t slack in the order of training your future world changer! Set them up for success! 

Hygiene is the top of the list. While pajamas was cute at first it’s not ok to continue to home school them in this manner. Think about their future career. Who are you training?

 Boundaries, Boundaries, Boundaries 

Cease the snacking all day which is promoting obesity. Their meals and snacks should be prepared as well as drinking habits to avoid interruptions in learning sessions.

 Keep them active: Whether back yard walking, throwing around a ball or playing the traditional yard games. Explore options for 30 mins a day.

Listen to their manners: Make sure your youth understands adults are not children. It’s not old school talk it’s your youth future your training.

 Create a schedule: Stick to it for each child and there should be a “BED TIME” I repeat “BED TIME”

 Put yourself on the schedule: As parents for an hour or 30 mins. You need a break as well. Read affirmations or your bible. Build healthy relationships that pour into you this could be a mentor, coach, or confidant 

Here’s just a couple of points to make sure you get them back in order to be productive citizens when there is more liberty to navigate.

 I know your saying “Who has time for this” and I get it! So here’s more idea’s 

Create a youth team support upon your family whether cousins or trusted neighbors. You only need 2 or 3 to rotate routines via zoom or back yard buddies. 

Ex. Football throwing yard to yard

Ex. Frisbee

Ex. Dog walking is great because they get to walk tooJ

Ex. Flower planting the zoom share pics/videos

Ex. Backyard dance off

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Crystal Williams

Certified Art Therapist & Faith-Based Counselor


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