From the Office of CWM

Let’s talk art therapy!

Often people mistake the benefits and don’t know what the expectations are to participate. Let me kindly explain only from Creative Works Studio LLC perspective with our innovative healing art services we provide.

Here’s some facts!

We help the young & the old heal from pass or present trauma & discover purpose through the art of painting.

You don’t have to be an artist.
You may never know the trauma you survived until you have a complete session.
Most find out what has been hindering their progress after it’s revealed in the painting session.
There are no rules to the canvas but to drop the brush and paint to the guided session.
One session is not always a cure all however every session is a take away benefit.
We are not paint and sip. We are paint in purpose.
No one can duplicate us however we have an affiliate training program to cultivate your own community of healing arts.
You have to be open to participate and get the fullness of the benefits.
Yes it’s going to cost you money but it’s also going to save you time, energy, and mind space for your success.
Our pricing is reasonable.
Art therapy promote emotional wellness.
You don’t have to be a realistic artist.
Abstract artist are the best and is welcomed.
We are certified an art therapist.
We interpret your art for healthy dialogue and developmental strategies.
We prophecy into your future if we are provided with divine information during your session.
Art therapy is for all ages our youngest client is 3yrs old and oldest 82 years old.
We offer sessions to the disadvantage and forsaken.
We make community efforts to partner with organizations.

“Together we can heal more hearts and discover purpose”

Learn more! at or message us with any additional questions

**Note all our sessions now available online via zoom***Book Today!***




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