Learn The Benefits of Prayer with the Shofar


The shofar (i.e “ram’s horn”) is often used as an instrument of spiritual warfare. This 4 week course will offer you the understanding, fundamentals and application to including this instrument in your relationship with the Heavenly father to establish his Dominion in the earth.

Join us!

You don’t have to be Jewish to enjoy the benefits of the shofar!

4 Sessions for $99.
Session 1: The Introduction to the Shofar
Session 2: Discovering your sound
Session 3: Sound & Intercession
Session 4: Usage/Care maintenance/Demonstration

Bonus Session: Deliverance by Sound All students will receive:Class training Cd provided at course ending.

Supplies needed: Purchase your own shofar
Internet access: Zoom courses: Password needed and will be sent after registration

Projected date & duration
February- March Friday’s @7-8:15pm

(Compliments of Prophet Jackie Betty inquiry)

In Loving Legacy of Prophet Leon Person

“You are to sound the shofar all throughout your land (Lev 25:9)


Register here



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