Hello November! October Recap

What an exciting month in CWM! As we grow it is our desire to keep you inform about our contribution to The Kingdom of God. As you connect your prayers and resources you will find out that  CWM is good ground and we look forward to spreading the gospel throughout the world with the creativity given by heaven.

Our slogans are the following:

“Healing Hearts One Canvas At A Time”

Who Are We?
A movement “Healing Hearts One Canvas At A Time “ & “Raising An Army Of Artist who are willing to paint God’s Heart On The Canvas for all people”

“Your one confrontation away from your next revelation”


We are glad more and more people are experiencing our ministry in new ways! whether it’s intercessory prayer request which is received at our website 247, prophetic art teachings, prophetic arts personal request and tributes, our library and new released books or itinerary ministry for the services at our website.

We welcome you!

So let’s recap! we have released two books to The Deliverance Collage Collection:

Deliverance Collage “Our First Published Book”

  The author’s story of deliverance’s, The author welcome you into her world and ministry. See just how freedom came through art, poetry and biblical references.

The Encounter

The Encounter is The Prayer Companion of the book “Deliverance Collage” and is a prayer strategy for all people whether you desire salvation, the gift of the Holy Spirit or you are a mature believer. This strategy will break spiritual bondage’s and bring inner healing, deliverance and maintenance to the believer’s life. The author shares her experience of her Encounter with God while praying this prayer strategy. It is her desire that you would experience your personal encounter, emotional healing and spiritual wellness through the writings and art in this prayer strategy.

I Can’t I Have Trust Issues

“I can’t I got trust issues” is an informational and narrative of the life of a person who gain victory over struggles with trust. It is the author’s desire that one will find emotional healing and spiritual wellness through the writings and art.

Untitled-Project (34)

For Signed Copies for order Visit CWMinistries247.org  

Prophetic Arts in the Community! This month we donated our time to share the arts at a local cafe and catering business. This was a live art performance. The painting was auction of by raffle. A prophetic word was release for the event. Many experience the prophetic arts experience over food, jazz and spoken word poetry.

We enjoy sharing with the community God’s love on the canvas!

This piece Black Keys, New Sound was created live by prophetic artist Crystal Williams. And the winner is Captain John Hall.

#soulfoodsunday #purposefulexpressions

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Canvas Title: Black keys New Sounds

Prophetic interpretation:

And the Lord would say upon the canvas. In this season my winds are bringing a new sound to your relationship. A fire and a sound that will go the distance. A level of intimacy only given by the Father in heaven. I am causing you to admire one another like never before and when you come together a sound will be release in the earth but also in the heaven for it is my pleasure to give you the kingdom. One sound made by two says the Lord but I am covering this sound in my wind and this will ignite a fiery three cord  strand that will  not easily be broken. What is not understood is not an obstacle and I have ordered the steps for you both to take  into eternity. Rejoice it bring the Father good pleasure to hear your sound.

Congratulations Captain John Hall



CWM is a thankful heart ministry. We want to bless a recipient who has a story of victory or great struggle. Submit your story or nominate someone by emailing cwministries247@gmail.com
Audio Recording
Or written story
To enter.
November 15 is the deadline.
Canvas & Interpretation will be shipped by December 1st.




Join Our Monthly Prophetic Art classes by following us for schedule on our Facebook Page Crystal Williams Ministries

For the month of October our students experience “The Encounter” of the Lord on the canvas. This prophetic art exercise was based off our new book release “The Encounter”

Every monthly class is a refresh download from heaven and a new healing art exercise!



Thank you! for tuning in to our journey! We invite you to partner with us with your prayers and support by visiting us via web: Crystal Williams Ministries 


Share us!


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