Joyful Obedience!

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I would like to publicly thank my Success Mother for the push to get this prayer guide published. During our Propel2PowerSpeak Mentoring we begin vision mapping. I stumbled in conversation to mention this prayer manual I had written last November. I explained the strategies and shared my testimony of being the first partaker of this divine encounter. In excitement this new information shared with her took over the conversation and she instructed me to print expeditiously because she felt it would be of great value in the Kingdom. I gathered my finishing pieces, painted a canvas for the book cover and within a week it was completed and sent to the publisher.
I am so grateful to have the support, mentoring and accountability of my Success Mother and (BSD) Pastor
William Powell.
This is just the beginning of Propel2PowerSpeak l, I can’t wait to see the upcoming sights in development.

With love and great gratitude

Your Success Daughter
Minister Crystal Williams


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Now available for Pre-order Visit us at to order your signed copy today!

“The Encounter will be available on Amazon October 2018”


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