What is CWM Prophetic Arts?


CWM Prophetic Arts is an unique platform of Crystal Williams Ministries that demonstrates prophetic arts in a new way! God has given Prophet Crystal Williams a unique gift of interpretation of the arts. The prophet can hear and see what God is saying through the canvas. Her intercession with God has led her to paint God’s will upon the canvas to bring the message forward to a people who by no other means would give attention to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Prophet Crystal Williams is also an Art Therapist.

The prophet’s platform for the prophetic arts is distinguish in  categories according to what God is speaking.

Declarative Arts: What God wants to remind you?

Awareness Arts: What God wants to warn you?

Prophecy Arts: What God is saying to you now?

Worship Arts: What God is saying in an worship atmosphere?

Deliverance Arts: What God wants to heal?

*Disclaimers* CWM Prophetic Arts or any prophetic arts is not the only avenue to commune with God. All people have access to speak and hear from God if you believe. You do not have to be a prophet to participate in the prophetic arts however all prophecy is subject to the word of God and can be judged accordingly. Prophetic Arts is an additional way God reaches out to show his love to people who hunger to commune with him. Prophetic arts is an relational tool and can help equip the believer in many ways, promote evangelism, emotional healing and therapy. Continue following our ministry for further teachings and publications.

More information on  CWM Theology of the Prophetic Arts will be in our new release “The Introduction to the Prophetic Arts” Fall 2018  Now available for Pre-Order @17.95

Email us to be invoiced: CWMinistries247@gmail.com


Want to experience the prophetic arts of CWM?

Currently for a limited time you can place your request via email


After making an significant donation of any amount over the cost of materials and shipping.

Average cost of material and shipping in US is $25.00

Go to https://cwministries247.org/ scroll down to “Donate” and submit your donation (PLUS) $25.00 ***Please put your shipping address in the notes. or request to be invoiced via email and state your donation amount.

The average canvas takes 2hrs up to 6hrs depending on what God is saying. This time upon the canvas is deep intercessory prayer for you.

You will receive the canvas prophecy and a written interpretation of the canvas on the back of the canvas.

Please give up to 30 days for shipping.

Request are processed in the order it is received.

*Disclaimers* We cannot promise you the outcome of your canvas will be to your delight. All canvas is subject to what God is saying to you. CWM is just the messenger. 

Sometimes we do deliver warnings and correction but we remind you again we are just the messenger.

We look forward to sharing CWM Prophetic Arts with you and/or organization!

To book us send your request to email: CWMinistries247@gmail.com

Headline “Bookings”


And remember to LIKE/SHARE us on social media.

Spread the word! CWM is healing hearts one canvas at a time!


*****Be inspired but do NOT participate in plagiarism! All gifts come from God! This is no gimmick! This platform cannot not be duplicated! Don’t get caught! Pray and be awesome*****


Copyright © 2018 Crystal Williams Ministries – All Rights Reserved.

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