Explore the Arts of Healing

30226896_10210680073545843_437882853072277661_nIt was so fun today sharing the prophetic arts with my family. The perception that art is just art is far from the truth. Every color, every line and every space is telling a story about you. The natural interpretation of the arts can be given through art therapy and the prophetic art tells us what is God’s heart on what is revealed and what he has to say about it! This gift is easily understood by this post for those who have been curious of the ministry. This gift is powerful in its nature and cannot be structured in religion. It is a gift of God to heal his people heal from the inside out, revealing purpose & identity while dismantling every lie that one may have walked through in life. I encourage your to explore the ministry arts of Crystal Williams Ministries personally whether it’s requesting your own personalized prophetic art piece, group therapy, worship arts, workshops, conferences and prophetic activation of the arts.

We are excited to share with you!


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