Beloved SnowFlower

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Title: Beloved SnowFlower


For I am a good God! Remember what I have promised you. Just as my word have forewarn you that there would be summer winter spring and fall without consistency in them all. In the end days  you shall see  my word is never changing and true. My word is truth that which I have promise you. I will cause you to prosper in and out of season. Blessing you for no reason. Surely you shall bloom and I will cause your joy to arise out of the cold. The remembrance of my son must be forever told. Joy shall endure the last and evil days. Rest upon my flower I have created just for you. For I am the Lord your God who fights for you. My sun is like fire and my ice is terrible and fierce. My love is everlasting, never runs dry and never freeze cold, its focus and pierce. Beloved drink upon me restoration is here. I call you my beloved snow flower because you have trusted me in every season and wintered every storm in and out of fear. Your roots in me is thousands of strands long. In me is where you will always belong.You are beautifully and wonderfully made in my image. My beloved snow flower fearless by faith with my grace to finish.




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