I miss my time with you


I miss my time with you
Moments we spent together
Each and Everyday!
How many times do we ponder why people only come together on holiday’s
Celebration or Hardship brings us in the presence of those we love dearly.
All leaving and thinking “We should get together more”
and seeing this so clearly
How much more the Father who is our Lord miss us
The time we spent praying in a crisis building trust
The time of fasting and complete focus on him for a breakthrough out on the limb
The time at the beginning of the year corporately you prayed
That song you made up in worship when you needed him the most
That dance in church when you was shouting in the holy ghost
Faith for everything would be all right
That sacrificial seed you sowed and daily declarations day and night
He is saying “I’ve miss my time with you
Is there time now when things are good
Is there a song for me for the last thing you understood
Is there a prayer where I can hear my own word
Is there a continue obedience that you have heard
I miss my time with you.
From your Lord and savior
Copyright © 2018 Crystal Williams Ministries – All Rights Reserved.

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