Youth Awareness Art “An Prophetic Infusion”


A young couple early thirties and late twenties struggles to parent a child about 8 years old.  Child suffers from pass trauma.

Parents are well to do in careers and been wanting to give a few upgrades to their home especially the out dated kitchen tiles.

The parents just continue to buy the kid toys and electronics as a cure the guilt of not being able to cultivate the child socially.

The child suffers from depression and low self-esteem.

the child is teased at school.

The child has no friends or relatives that communicates with him.

The child is often left home alone because of his incompetence to go to the bathroom.

When the parents is at home they often don’t include the child in their TV time assuming the child is ok because it is quiet with his cell phone.

The child is watching YOU TUBE videos on how to kill himself.

The parents  believe its a phase and the child will grow out of his difficulty.

The child is now openly using the bathroom on himself as if its normal behavior.

Both the parents and the child suffers in the silence.


This art is an Awareness Piece” if this is your story or your life dynamics is similar please seek counsel along with allowing our ministry to pray for you.

Copyright © 2018 Crystal Williams Ministries – All Rights Reserved.


#Prophetic Art Movement
#Awareness Art 
#Healing Art
#Deliverance Art

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