While I Wait

Often we look at patience as the torment of any process however we all have experience the effects of not being patience enough . Whether you made a costly purchase only to find out it came on sale the next month, maybe you spoke too soon before you had all the information of a matter, maybe you married a joker or maybe you just turn the heat up to cook your food fast only to realize the inside was undone.

Life perspective on patience needs a shift in the thinking of our behaviors. This is so hard in a generation of “Now or Never”. We live up under far too many expectations of others and less insight on our process.

Of course I can’t go without addressing the manipulation of how this very word “patience” can be use to keep people in bondage. Having someone or something wait without a real plan to meet the expectations of the process is highly manipulative and costly.

Therefore patience without an expected end is the act of theft to ones destiny.

Let us all wait responsibly as well as consider how we build patience in others.


Learn God’s Perspective on Patience

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