Old Jeans is New Money


Everyone likes a fresh look and comfort is a greater luxury. Whether Black or White, Blue or Red all jeans fade, stain and worn in time. We live to know beyond our expressions to impress externally but our internal desires is to get to the point where we all can loose a button , make a spill, rub our hands on our knees without a thought. Because we now know the jeans that once hang in the shopping window are now the ones that hang in our closet that we brought. Yes we loved the brand. It made us feel valued. It hugged our curves or swagger our sag.
Old jeans become New from all the transitions you put them through. How common is that in relationships you see. Everything started out as a rough reality but you hung in there while stretching a little more every time you went.Not that intentionally one would deprecate the value but was subject to complacency as you went. So a spill here maybe a wipe off there even a rush fit makes a new tear or rip. Forgetting these are my favorite not easily replaced or repaired Oh if the jeans could talk what would it say. I rather stayed in that window another day.


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