Happy 1st Anniversary to CWMinistries247


I’m Over JOYed! with sharing our unique story about how this ministry got started. We began with just a little book club called “Crystal Williams Bookclub to the Deliverance & Prophetic Ministry back in 2014.  We read 14 books and visited 3 authors in one year. Our book club had about 30 members who met twice a week via conference line. We read, laughed, cried and prayed together. I didn’t know at the time what the Lord was preparing me for. I enjoyed people and I lead well. I heard the Lord say teach my people to hear my voice and see the authority I have placed inside of them and I will deliver them.

We only read books on the prophetic and deliverance  with understanding we begin to grow and heal as a group. I learned that I prayed well and heaven heard me and began to answer me speedily. I was just an usher as well as a bible college student in my normal church setting at the time while involved in several committees. I had to say that I felt God doing something bigger and I became more courageous as I became more knowledgeable about my authority in Christ. As we journey through to specific books I became passionate and I found myself preaching on the calls with fire demonstration followed. Some evenings I didn’t even know what came over me as we talked through the content revelation began to unfold and it was explosive.

The book club began to create speaking engagements. I began to preach at several conferences, women empowerment meetings and traditional services. I tapped into my identity as a prophetic voice with a strong deliverance mantel. Everywhere I spoke whether preaching, empowering or teaching deliverance  prophetic demonstration broke out. The year ended well and 2015 the Lord said that assignment was completed and well done. Though all of me wanted to continue because is was fun and comfortable. God was promoting me forward. I completed bible college and began to ask God what’s next. He said you will tell your story. I had written my story 2 yrs previously in an old journal just for healing and closure privately. I never knew the Lord would ask for my story publicly. As I was thinking of what to title the book based on its content I heard the word “collage” a story of deliverance’s. I said I will name it “Deliverance Collage” because my story is multi-topical as the Lord has brought me out of various trails. One single title or audience couldn’t define the story line. I gathered my testimonials and with poetry as the style format to create privacy for the victims and oppressors of my life and put it to print with statics and biblical references.

The Lord begin to share with me in our intimate time of fellowship that this wasn’t just a book but a movement of inner healing and deliverance. He spoke to me and said you have a ministry Crystal Williams.

The first week of January 2016 in a time of fasting birth

“Crystal Williams Ministries”

16640550_1315622891841047_2015721756555164472_n (1)


The book was published January 22, 201620626561_1535469046523096_7242632904524687259_oWhat have we accomplished in our official first year of ministry and author:


3 Documented Suicide prevention’s

Sold over 100 copies

Over 40 documented testimonials

Numerous crisis calls

Fed the Hungry hearty meals through our business

“Crystal’s Kitchen & Catering LLC”


Itinerary Ministry for local churches & Organizations


Donated Books to under privilege youth through therapeutic parental services and foster care


Position “Deliverance Collage” to be locally accessible in

The Public Library statewide in Richmond Virginia and online database 


Position “Deliverance Collage” on Amazon


Created our official LOGO, WEBSITE & BLOG



We are so excited in what the Lord will do next through this ministry in 2018.

We trust that you find us relevant, resourceful and loving enough to keep us in your prayers and giving support.

Local Anniversary celebration to be announced by March 01,2018

We invite to visit our website for further www.cwministries247.org 

Thank you for celebrating with us!



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